Saturn Pendant

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November 2008
Sterling silver

Planetary symbol: ♄
Astrological signs: ♑ (Capricorn) and traditionally ♒ (Aquarius)

Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun, is the most identifiable object in the Solar System on account of its distinctive rings. Saturn has been known to humanity since prehistory, but its rings were first discovered by Galileo Galilee 1610. While much has been observed and written about the rings since then, one of their most interesting and unusual features them is that they possess their own atmosphere independent of the planet itself.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Saturn (Greek name: Kronos), is god of time as well as agriculture and social order. Astrologically, Saturn represents duty, discipline and responsibility, as well as ambition, authority and command structure. At the same time, it is also associated with personal limitations and boundaries, and with long-term choices--indeed, the word "saturnine" is directly derived from the planet's name. Saturn is associated with Saturday.

Dimensions (as hung): 2" x 1"
Sterling silver
Chain is included