Bombé Twist Ring

May 2011
14 karat yellow gold, diamond

A couple came to me to make a replacement engagement ring for the occasion of their 15th wedding anniversary. The original was a standard raised prong setting and had been re-tipped several times—the bride is a pianist, and the high-set diamond kept hitting the keys when she played, twisting and breaking the prongs. They wanted a ring where the stone would sit lower and be less susceptable to being knocked loose, and were looking forward to a new style.

We took our design clues from their wedding bands, a matched set of half-round twist-style rings. The twist design extends from the shank to the bombé top and even to the concave inner surface of the ring. Holes in the creases of the twists flank the setting to let light illuminate the diamond from within. The convex shape of the top of the ring allows the diamond to be flush-set and still be slightly elevated without exposing it to a lot of abuse... or at least just a piano-force.