Constellation Shower Earrings

December 2016
Sterling silver, cubic zirconium

A good friend of mine commissioned these earrings for his girlfriend. As usual, when he commissions a piece for a family member, his sole guideline for design is "not Judaica"—and beyond that I have free reign. Given that these were a Christmas gift, I thought I'd try to emulate the sparkles of the faerie lights that decorate so many homes and public spaces this time of year; that way she can have some holiday joy with her any time of year.

I love the way the fully-articulated stone-set joints of these chandelier earrings radiate out from the earlobe studs like meteor showes, and my cousin (who was visiting from Boulder while I finished these up) commented that they look like ever-changing constellations as they move. And the Constellation Shower Earrings were born!

This video shows a limited amount of the articulation—it turns out that it's really difficult to shake an earring into its full range of motion while attempting to keep it within a camera frame!