Cubist Tulip Ring

October 2013
Sterling silver, cubic zirconia

Normally when I'm working on a piece—especially when it's a custom piece for a client—I start with a story and and work towards a design that tells it. Sometimes, however, the process creates its own story.

I came across my rounded-square ring mandrel while cleaning my studio one day and lamented that I don't use it enough. Naturally, this inspired me to find a use for it—and, as one does in a situation like this, I fixated on squares everywhere. I decided to make a rounded square ring out of square wire stock, and to make a square setting out of giant square prongs. The setting wound up reminding me of an absctracted tulip, and since everything was square, I decided to call it the Cubist Tulip Ring. Continuing in the square/cubist theme, I decided to set it with a 3mm cubic zirconia (always with the jokes).

I was pleasantly surprised by the way the setting winds up lifting and enhancing the small stone, and making it seem brighter and sparklier than if it were set in a bezel or more size-appropriate prong setting.