First Anniversary: Paper

November 2014
Papier-mâché, hemp paper twine

After 365 days of wedded bliss to my wife, I naturally wanted to observe the traditional first anniversary gift material of paper for her anniversary present. Rather than do something like buy her a book, I of course had to adapt the material to my art.

I decided to dive into her hippie roots and make a hemp-paper necklace. Rather than using glass or plastic beads, though, I made beads out of papier-mâché that I dyed and pressed into molds to give them texture. The pattern of the yellow bead at the center looks kind of like the sun, so I made a series of stars to go along with it. I added orange and red beads with unique patterns as well, since we got married in the fall and I liked the autumnal theme. I used a lacquer-like adhesive as the fixing agent rather than the traditional flour or cornstarch, since I didn't want bugs to start eating it over time.

It may not be fine jewelry, but my wife does kind of like it when I get all 4th-grade-art on her. Plus, it can also serve double-duty as a Christmas tree garland!