Helix Eternity

April 2016
14 karat gold, diamonds

I was thinking about making a Möbius strip ring and I thought to myself that it would be pretty cool if I could set diamonds in one side of it. Milliseconds later I smacked myself in the head when I reminded myself that a Möbius strip only has one side, so that would mean setting diamonds on the entire surface of the ring.

However! Use a square shank and give it a 360º turn, and we get a new twist on the classic eternity band—literally! All four sides wrap once each around the central axis of the shank and join back up with themselves. Set into one of those helical sides are twenty-seven G-I near-colorless diamonds with a clarity of I1-I2 (0.729 carats total) in a never-ending spiral of sparkle.

For even more sparkle and a better view of how the diamond helix wraps around the ring, here's a short video of the piece in motion: