Lantern Prism Engagement Ring

June 2024 
Diamonds, 18 karat gold 

I had the pleasure of designing this ring for a young couple who wanted to use the groom's grandmother's jewelry in the construction, including some gold to recycle as well as the stunning 1.0 carat center stone. The bride wanted a ring that was classic but unexpected; delicate but bold enough to stand up to the size of the center stone, especially given her small ring size.

This design incorporates shoulder baguettes flanking a center stone, as well as extra baguettes on the sides of the shank to create the effect of a lantern prism on either side of the center stone. From the top it looks like a fairly classic ring, and as you look more closely the surprise of the extra diamonds gives the shank a bright and almost airy quality despite the thickness of the shoulders.

The prism shades of pre-electric lanterns were meant to keep kerosene or gas flames from extinguishing no matter the conditions around them, which the groom and I thought was an excellent analogy for a strong partnership; he also noted that the lighting of a single flame from two candles was an archetypal wedding symbol and using his grandmother's diamond as the center "flame" cemented the idea of becoming and honoring family through their union. May the light of their marriage shine brightly forever!