Mars Pendant

November 2008
Sterling silver

Planetary symbol: ♂
Astrological signs: ♈ (Aries) and traditionally ♏ (Scorpio)

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, and currently has more human technology on it and orbiting it than any other planet besides the Earth. Because of its proximity and composition it is NASA's projected target for human colonization after the Moon, appropriate given the centuries of human speculation about Martian life and exploration. It is the home of two of the most extreme natural landmarks in the Solar System--the largest canyon, the Valles Marineris (the main detail on this pendant) and the highest mountain, the Olympic Mons.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Mars (Greek name: Ares), is the god of war. Astrologically, Mars represents male strength, agression and sexuality, as well as impulsiveness and ambition. Mars is associated with Tuesday.