Ocean Waves Engagement Ring

January 2023
Moissanite, 18 karat white gold

One of my dearest friends came to me to make an engagement ring for his girlfriend that would reflect the coupleʻs shared love of the ocean. He wanted something simple but stunning, understated but with a secret.

We started with a gorgeous blue moissanite, which has both the clarity and depth of pelagic waters but also a sparkle that rivals the glint of the sun reflecting off the surface chop of the open ocean. He wanted it set fairly low for her comfort, and with a bezel setting rather than prongs to avoid snags or losing the stone. The only detail I added to the half-round shank was a slight taper towards the bottom of the ring to give it a hint of movement.

For the secret detail, I designed a non-traditional gallery for the bezel with a random pattern of contoured cris-crossing lines to represent the waves on the high seas. Itʻs difficult to see when looking at the ring on her finger, and is even slightly obscured in the main image on this page. From the side, though, it undulates like the vast oceans as seen in 360º in the video.

He proposed on New Year's Day while they were taking a walk along the beach near their house, and of course she said yes!