Racing Stripe Ring

September 2015
14 karat white gold

The wedding date of a couple of my friends was fast approaching, and the groom still hadn't found a ring that he liked despite going into dozens of jewelry stores. In fact, he wasn't completely sold on the idea of wearing a wedding ring to begin with, so he didn't even have a frame of reference for what he liked. Fortunately, I have a questionnaire that I've developed over the years to help determine a client's aesthetic, which in turn allows me to create something designed to fit into it like an enzyme into its receptor. Being a musician, his aesthetic is very highly developed even though he'd never actually articulated it before. This bold design, with polished rails in differing widths and heights surrounding roughly satin-finished channels, was the first design I submitted to him. It resonated well enough that he didn't need to look at a second—now he just has to learn to play guitar with it on!