Ruth/Miriam Timbrel

November 2009
Sterling silver, 14 karat yellow gold

Commissioned by a very patient friend of mine, this pendant is packed with meaning. Her Hebrew name is Ruth Miriam, which is reflected everywhere in the design of the piece.

The top of the front face is a stylized representation of wheat done in 14K yellow gold, which alludes to Ruth 2:23 wherein Ruth "...stayed close to the maidservants of Boaz, and gleaned until the barley harvest and the wheat harvest were finished." Also in reference to Ruth, the chain that the pendant is hung on has what is known as a wheat pattern.

Below the wheat are waves done in sterling silver, which together with the general tambourine design of the pendant represent Miriam's dance with her timbrel at the edge of the Sea of Reeds (Exodus 15:20). The cymbals of the timbrel are free floating and actually make sound:

As a final touch, the six sets of cymbals align to form the points of an implied Star of David when the piece is viewed from the front.