Seventh Anniversary: Iron (Out of Turn)

November 2020
Iron, 14 karat gold

First things first: the traditional present for the seventh anniversary is NOT iron. It's wool. Iron is traditional for the sixth anniversary but last year I erroneously had it in my head that the sixth anniversary was wool and I skipped iron. As a result, for the seventh anniversary I've gone back to revisit iron and for our eighth anniversary we'll be back on track with the correct gift for the correct year.

I'd been pondering what to do with iron—I had a lot of great ideas, but none were particularly practical; it also turns out that while steel supplies abound, it's more difficult to buy iron materials than you would think. Especially if you don't prepare far enough in advance (*ahem*). This idea came to me while I was undergoing acupuncture (steel, again, I know)—and the day before I presented them to my wife she commented how a wireframe hollow-form construction would make lovely earrings because they'd be both voluminous and light. I had to bite my tongue and simply agree with her, but at least it was an indication that she would like her anniversary present!

I had a concept going in, but no real plan per se. The earrings were built free-form in 3D space using a micro TIG welder and some pre-cut basic lengths of iron wire; longer and shorter lengths of iron and gold wire were cut as needed. I really enjoy how random placement of the gold wire lends a Kintsugi-esque feel to the construction, and provides a beautiful contrast to the grey luster of the iron.