Sol Pendant (The Sun)

November 2008
Sterling Silver

Planetary symbol: ☉
Astrological sign: ♌ (Leo)

Sol, or the Sun, is of course the star around which we orbit and which gives us light, heat and life. The burning ball of hydrogen, helium and other elements is so large that it makes up over 99% of all mass in the Solar System. It is pictured here with high sunspot activity and a shimmering representation of the low corona. The corona of the Sun is actually the outer atmosphere of the star, and sunspots are magnetic depressions on the Sun's surface. Nicolaus Copernicus' scientific proof of the Sun's centrality to planetary orbits is why we call our system the Solar System, and is also why the collection of jewelry that this pendant belongs to is named after him.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Sol represents Apollo, the god of prophecy and light. Astrologically, Sol represents pride and the ego, as well as creativity, vitality and drive. Sol is associated with Sunday.