Tenth Anniversary: Aluminum

November 2023
Aluminum foil

The traditional gift for the tenth anniversary is aluminum. Now, I had some ideas but my wife decided that rather than making (in my case) or buying (in her case) each other elaborate or expensive gifts made from the material of the year, we should instead make it fun and have a craft period, elementary-school style.

We got out a roll of aluminum foil, armed ourselves with scissors and rulers, constructed a privacy barrier so that we could work in secret, and let loose bedlam upon our dining room table.

In anticipation of the event, I'd already decided that I was going to make an origami crane... having never made one before. In my head, this was going to come out shiny and clean and perfect, but since aluminum does not (surprise, surprise) behave like paper, the results were about what you'd expect from elementary school craft period. Nonetheless, it was super fun and interactive (we were heckling each other as we went), and I've got the aluminum foil guitar she made me sitting on my bookshelf as I write this.