The Knuckledragger

November 2017
Cubic zirconium, sterling silver

If I'm being totally honest, I originally bought the gigantic 13mm x 18mm cubic zirconium at the center of this ring for the lulz. I just thought it would be funny to have a CZ that large in the house. It sat on my wi-fi router for a couple years before I thought that maybe I should finally try do do something with it. Because a pendant would make too much sense, I decided to put into a ring, and to make it just a bit more  over-the-top I put four additional CZs in the tips of the prongs that hold the center stone.

Now, I realize that there are blinged-out pavé rings that are way more extravagant than this, but considering that the narrow dimension of the stone is very nearly wider than the size 6 shank of the ring, I thought the absurdity was at peak. On the fingers of people petite enough for it to fit, it really does drag their knuckles towards the ground. I had to warn the buyer to be very careful in the sunlight because the sparkle from that gigantic stone is blinding.