Uranus Pendant

November 2008
Sterling Silver

Planetary symbol: ♅
Astrological sign: ♒ (Aquarius) (modern usage)

Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, is unusual in that it is the only planet in the Solar System that rotates on an axis that is nearly on the same plane as its orbit of the Sun, perpendicular to the axes of rotation of the other planets. The first recorded observation of Uranus was made in 1690, but it was mistaken for a star at the time and as a comet by later observers. It was finally understood to be a planet 91 years later by British astronomer Sir William Herschel.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Uranus (Latin name:Caelus) is the god of the heavens. Astrologically, Uranus represents new discoveries, unexpected changes, unconventionality, originality and freedom.